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Life Style Comes First
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A Pioneer in Launching “Interior Coordinators” as Professionals in Japan.

Thirty some years ago in Japan, Hiroko Machida first introduced the concept of “Interior Coordinators” as a profession. Since then, she has been applying new information on life-styles and interior matters from domestic and overseas sources to Japan’s residential space. Her objective was to improve the richness of people’s life-styles in Japan. And now, she continues to provide opportunities for leaders in interior coordination to work on better suited interior space worldwide.

Curiosity Is the Key to Becoming Successful Interior Experts.

Hiroko Machida believes that “to know more about various life-styles is very important in proposing the best suited interior space for ones client. And applying the various interior information freely and well thought-out way is the key to becoming interior experts.” Being curious about other life-styles and world trends leads to various and unique information. Then analyzing and organizing the information, paying special attention to what’s making the world tick, and being sensitive to peoples values, will help one become an excellent interior professional.

Profile of Hiroko Machida

After graduating from Musashino Art College, majoring in the Industrial Design field, Hiroko Machida spent 5 years in Switzerland studying furniture design. In 1975, she moved to Boston, USA to complete her study in “Environmental Design” at New England School of Arts and Design. Upon returning to Japan in 1977, she brought in the new concept of “Interior Coordinator” as a professional career, and in 1978 founded “Machida Hiroko Interior Coordinator Academy” in Tokyo. In 1985, she founded “Academic Corporation Machida Gakuen.” Currently, she holds the post of Principal of the academy, devoting her time and energy to career-oriented education and training programs. She also heads “Architects Office, Machida Hiroko Academy Inc.” and contributes to a wide range of projects in interior, product design and environmental design fields. In 2004 MICA had established a working contract with KLC School of Design, a well established British school on Interior studies, and is training internationally active human resources.

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